Service: gear repair

We have been repairing gears and shafts for many years now and have considerable experience in this field.
In a case of fracture or wear of the tooth on a gear or shaft, we offer our help to easily and more importantly, relatively quickly and conveniently solve a problem that would cost you significantly more money, and especially time, that would go into creating a new piece.

We also repair gears or shafts whose teeth are worn or have been imprinted into the sidewalls, as well as damage resulting from poor lubrication and, consequently, shedding of flaky particles of the cemented top layer. Such fractures are successfully repaired and the tooth surface polished to its original state.
We also repair completely broken drive shafts. In our work we use only the most modern and proven materials and processing procedures.

Since every case of damage to machine parts is usually very specific, we suggest you contact us and we will make arrangements on what would be the optimal solution for your case.
Below you can see some examples of our work.


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